LakeshoreSchool Information

Lakeshore Elementary School is dedicated to the academic, social and emotion achievement for each and every student. The building houses West Ottawa’s W.O.W. (West Ottawa Wonders) Preschool for children ages three and four. Additionally, Lakeshore hosts the YMCA Child Care program which provides before school, after school, and all day child care programming.

Lakeshore is home to West Ottawa’s Spanish Immersion program as well. This program begins in KG through 5th grade.  Students in our immersion program spend at least one-half of their school day immersed in the Spanish language and culture. Our dedicated teachers have made our this program one of the most popular in all of the greater Holland area. Spanish Immersion is just one of the wonderful programs which help prepare our students to be College, Career and Life Ready. In addition, Lakeshore has a large population from school of choice students throughout the Holland area. Our diverse population, caring staff, and involved parents have helped Lakeshore achieve the “Beating the Odds” award from the Michigan Department of Education in 2010-2011, 2012-2013 and 2013-2014. Additional awards include being named a “Reward School” by the Michigan Department of Education in 2012-2013 and 2013-2014, and receiving the National Blue Ribbon Award in 2014 and 2021. Please contact us and join the Lakeshore family!



What is the daily start and end time? What is the schedule for a half day?

Please view the daily start and end time schedule on this document.

Where can I access the Parent/Student Handbook?

How can I be involved?

Along with a caring staff, Lakeshore Elementary studens are supported by a large number of parent and community volunteers. Those interested in volunteering at Lakeshore are encouraged to complete the online Volunteer Form and to reach out to their child’s teacher school secretary.

What day-care and preschool options are offered by the YMCA at Lakeshore Elementary?

Please call the Lakeshore office for more details 616-786-1400

What is a Spanish Immersion Program?

Our Spanish Immersion is a dual language program that is committed to fostering bilingualism & biliteracy, high academic achievement, and cultural competence for all students to better equip them for success in our increasingly global world.

What is W.O.W. Preschool?

West Ottawa Wonders (W.O.W.) Preschool serves students ages 3-5. Located in Lakeshore Elementary, this non co-op preschool offers morning or afternoon classes. Running from September through May, the preschool addresses all areas of development including social, emotional, intellectual, and physical.


When were the emergency drills?

Please review the spreadsheet to learn more about the drills at this building.

Student Life

How is technology integrated into the curriculum?

All students at Lakeshore Elementary are provided opportunities to experience age appropriate technology. In the classroom, through a ratio of one computer for every four students, technology is incorporated to enhance learning during small group and/or independent work.

What specials are provided our students?

All students at Lakeshore Elementary receive weekly instruction in Spanish, Technology, Physical Wellness, Art and Music.

Lakeshore met and exceeded our expectations at every turn. The staff is highly qualified and deeply cares about every student and family. We have always been encouraged to participate in our children's education and kept informed of needs, concerns, and achievements. The PTO is active and always seeking to improve Lakeshore for staff and students by providing funds and resources that are beyond the WO budget.
Eva Marie Gugino, parent
I have been very impressive with the staff, students and technologies at Lakeshore Elementary. They bring a holistic approach to learning by fostering all aspects of growth and development in the students.
Tamara S. Milobinski, parent