Announcement: Recent COVID-19 positive case(s): 1 student at woodside and 2 students at lakeshore on 12/3/21; 1 student at great lakes and 3 students at waukazoo on 12/2/21; 1 student at waukazoo, 3 students at harbor lights and 1 student at great lakes on 12/1/21. Click here for the weekly COVID-19 Dashboard and the COVID-19 Prevention Strategies.



West Ottawa provides resources for our students in every area of need. Our mission is to prepare students for college, career, and life. Please review the resources for each of these areas by clicking in the boxes below. You can review the academic offerings by clicking here.

College Ready

Learn about the exciting pathways WO offers to prepare students for college! To request a transcript visit this page.

Career Ready

Review the options WO provides students to pursue their passion and prepare for their career!

Life Ready

Life-Ready resources are provided here; including community counseling, internet safety, mental wellness help, and more!

Counseling Staff

Who is my counselor? How do I contact them? Who can I go to for help? Find out here.