Lakewood Elementary

Located on the shores of Lake Michigan, Lakewood Elementary is a relatively small, family-oriented school that is an outstanding choice in education for families in the Holland and West Ottawa areas. At Lakewood, every member of our community is involved in the education of our students. With the strong support of our staff, families, and PTO, our children come to school where a lifelong love of learning is fostered and where children are nurtured to be leaders. Our dedicated staff at Lakewood is highly committed to making personal connections with students and their families while also providing a safe and engaging learning environment that helps prepare students to become college, career, and life ready.

At Lakewood, we house district-wide special education programs where the students are involved with non-disabled peers through classroom integration as well as a buddy program that builds lifelong skills in working with people that may exhibit differences. We also house a S.A.I.L. program, which is a gifted and talented language arts program for students in grades Kindergarten through 5th. Please take the time to come and visit and talk with our staff and community members about the awesome educational opportunities that the students at Lakewood experience.