Harbor LightsSchool Information

Harbor Lights Middle School is located at 1024 136th Ave. off of Riley Street in Holland Township. We strive to help all of our students through the transitional “middle years” between elementary and high school. A time of significant growth and change for all pre-adolescent students, the staff at Harbor Lights Middle School are dedicated to these middle years, and are committed to helping all of our students to be ready for college, career, and life. We are a 1:1 Google for Education school where all students are issued a Chromebook device for the duration of their time at Harbor Lights. Our teachers are continuously improving their skills to blend sound classroom pedagogy with educational technology and applications that translate into enhanced learning opportunities for students. We offer a number of accelerated and advanced coursework options so that students have the opportunity to begin to earn high school credits before they leave middle school. Our dedicated Academy hour provides time throughout the year for students to learn lessons on study skills, online safety, healthy behaviors, and character development, among other topics. As a staff, we pride ourselves on making personal connections with students in a learning environment that is safe and engaging. From challenging curriculum, extensive exploratory options, and a wide array of extra-curricular options, Harbor Lights Middle School is focused on serving as the bridge for students as they leave elementary school and prepare for high school.

We know academic success can be highly correlated with extra-curricular involvement. Students at West Ottawa are encouraged to participate in one of the more than 30 extracurricular clubs and organizations on our campus. We also are members of the highly competitive OK Red Athletic Conference and support 28 inter-varsity sports. West Ottawa’s performing and fine arts programs are continually recognized for their excellence at local, state, and national competitions.

Harbor LightsFAQ


How do I enroll my student at Harbor Lights Middle School?

Please visit our district enrollment page.


What school supplies does my child need?

Where can I access the school newsletter?

Please follow this link to The Harbor Report, the Harbor Lights Middle School newsletter.

When can I find when emergency drills took place this school year?

Please review the spreadsheet to learn more about emergency drills at Harbor Lights.

Student Life & Academics

What is the daily start and end time? What is the schedule for a half day?

Please view the daily start and end time schedule on this document.

How can my student(s) challenge themselves in advanced and/or HS courses?

Beginning in sixth-grade, students may challenge themselves with advanced coursework English or Math.  By taking advanced classes, students have the opportunity to take high school level classes for credit beginning in some cases as early as seventh grade.  This allows students to enter high school with earned credits that can help them advance further and open up their high school schedule.  Please contact your child’s counselor or Assistant Principal for more information about these opportunities.

What exploratory/elective courses can my student take?

In sixth grade, all students take four nine-week exploratory courses and one full year music course:

Physical Wellness

Art 6

App Creators (beginning app coding class)

Computers (An introduction to the Google Suite of productivity tools, along with other software applications)

All 6th-grade students take a full year music class; Band, Orchestra, or Choir.

In seventh grade, students have the following exploratory options:

7th grade students have the option of beginning a full-year, introductory high school credit course in either French or Spanish.

9-week exploratory classes for seventh grade include Manufacturing Technology, STEM Robotics and Automation, Physical Wellness, and Art 7.

Full year Band, Orchestra, and Choir are offered again in 7th grade.

*Note: All 7th graders must take a state-mandated 9-week Health course which may impact other exploratory options.

In eighth-grade, students have the following exploratory options:

8th grade students will take Spanish or French I or II, depending on what world language course they took in seventh grade.

9-week exploratory classes for eighth grade include, Coding and Design, Video Productions, Art 8, and Physical Wellness.

Full year Band, Orchestra, and Choir are offered again in 8th grade.


Where can I view the Student Handbook?

You can view the Middle School Student Handbook at this link.

What technology will be available for my student?

Every student in the middle school buildings will have their own student-issued Chromebook to take home with them throughout the school year. A student and guardian must sign the Acceptable Use Policy in order to be issued a device. Students also have access to various technology with our STEM courses. Please visit the curriculum page to learn more about courses offered at your student’s building.

What Positive Behavior supports are available for my student?

At Harbor Lights, we use the PRIDE (Preparedness, Respect, Integrity, Dependability, Effort) acronym to highlight our positive behavior support system. This is the same Positive Behavior support model used at West Ottawa High School.  Students are taught these traits in many different school settings and encouraged to live them out in their daily interactions with peers and adults.  Students who consistently show PRIDE are rewarded on PRIDE Fridays every month.

What is the latest middle school athletic information?

Middle school fall sports for middle school are underway!  Please contact duistermarsl@westottawa.net with questions or check out wopanthers.com.