What are they saying?Testimonials and Highlights

See why parents and students choose West Ottawa Virtual Academy for their learning needs.

Program Highlights

Engaging and Rigorous

Courses are designed and taught by state licensed West Ottawa Public Schools teachers who are highly qualified in their content areas.

Personalized Learning

Academic plans tailored to fit each student’s needs and interests.


Students have the flexibility to learn in their selected timeframe and location.


“I am constantly telling people how much we appreciate West Ottawa Virtual Academy.”  We think the online dashboard is a great format and the flexibility of hours is so helpful. We love that there is time for our kids to also get that in person interaction with their peers. The retention of learning has also been significantly better for our family.” – Holly Beamer, Parent

“I like that West Ottawa Virtual Academy is an extension of West Ottawa Public Schools. I am assured of the education quality and the qualifications of the teachers who are teaching the courses.” – Young Hui, Parent




“For homeschool families like ours, West Ottawa Virtual Academy offers us the best of both worlds. We have the flexibility in schedule to travel and to take advantage of other extracurricular activities that would otherwise only be available after normal school hours or on weekends.” – Liley Tulloch, Parent

“I like the flexibility of doing work at my own pace. West Ottawa Virtual gives me the option to spend more time on concepts that I struggle with before I move on. Conversely, I can move on quickly if I understand something right away.” – Julia Jung, Student




Academic Support

Individualized mentoring and tutoring plans are available.

Extracurricular Involvement

Students are eligible to participate in a vast array of afterschool athletic and enrichment programs.

Advanced Placement Courses

Access a range of AP courses offered through a virtual environment.