Enrollment Options

West Ottawa Virtual Academy

West Ottawa Virtual Academy is proud to offer flexible enrollment options to meet the needs of students. We offer full time, split enrollments, dual enrollments, and partner with both private schools and students who are homeschooled. We are fully accredited and for the student-athlete seeking to compete at the collegiate level, our courses are NCAA approved. Additional details are listed below for each category.


Full Time

Students enroll with West Ottawa Virtual Academy and take all of their courses virtually.

Split Enrollment

Students split their enrollment between West Ottawa Virtual Academy and another school at West Ottawa Public Schools. Students who request this option engage in both virtual and in-person learning. Please note that this option requires prior approval and students must provide their own transportation to in-person classes.

Dual Enrollment

West Ottawa Virtual Academy partners with a number of community organizations such as the Careerline Tech Center and the PATH Program at Hope College which allows students to take advantage of courses that meet their educational needs and interests through dual enrollment.

Private School and Home School Partnership

Students who are enrolled in a private school or are homeschooled may take advantage of non-essential elective courses offered through West Ottawa Virtual Academy. Please visit the linked Partnership Opportunities Page to learn more.


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