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Welcome to West Ottawa’s Safety Department

Safe – Disciplined – Drug-Free

Safe schools will always be an integral part of a positive learning environment. The district has taken many steps to support a safe and respectful environment. Safety policies and procedures are in place at every school and strictly enforced. Ottawa County Sheriff’s deputies work in our secondary buildings and are a visible presence.

Students learn conflict resolution strategies. A crisis management team, immediate intervention, and response strategies are in place at each school. Crisis Management handbooks are in classrooms and offices.

A Student Code of Conduct holds all students accountable for their actions. The Non-Discrimination Policy protects students, staff, volunteers, Board members, applicants, and contractors. An Acceptable Use Policy governs the use of district technology.

Portrait of Deputy Alexander DeJong           

Deputy Alexander (Alex) DeJong             Deputy Tonya Kimber
Ottawa County Sheriff Liaison                    Ottawa County Sheriff Liaison
North Building                                                South Building


Michigan Sheriffs’ Association’s “STOPPED” Teen Driving Program



West Ottawa High School participates in the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office STOPPED (Sheriffs Telling Our Parents and Promoting Educated Drivers) Teen Driving Program.  Any students that wish to receive a parking permit for WOHS campus parking must participate in the STOPPED program.  For more information regarding the STOPPED program, please click here.




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