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Middle Schools

Curriculum and Instruction

At West Ottawa, our goals for all students include providing solid academic instruction in the core curricula (Language A, Mathematics, Humanities and Sciences) which will challenge learners while maintaining a supportive, nurturing environment for all students. Additionally, students are provided opportunities to explore a variety of subjects which may reveal untapped talents or promote career awareness.

Sixth grade teachers are trained and certified to work with elementary students and focus on both the intellectual growth and emotional well-being of students. The sixth grade schedule, curriculum and teaching methods are designed to help students achieve success as they make the transition from elementary school.

As academic expectations increase for seventh and eighth grade students, the core curricula focuses on providing the skills and knowledge necessary for students to become successful in the secondary grades.

Academic Schedule 6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade
FULL YEAR SUBJECTS: ELA, Mathematics, Social Studies, Sciences x x x
Language: Spanish, French x x x
Performing Art: Band, Orchestra, Choir x x x
Technology, Computers x    
Manufacturing Technology   x  
Modular Technology, Video Productions     x
Physical Education x x x
Visual Art   x x
Learning Targets 6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade
Writing Writing Writing Writing
Math Math Math Math
Science Science Science Science
Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies

Additional Resources

Course Sequence Guides

Grades 6-8 CCSS Informative Writing Rubric (Non-ELA Courses)

Grades 6-8 CCSS Argumentative Writing Rubric (Non-ELA Courses)

K-12 ELA Michigan State Standards

K-8 Grade Level Content Expectations



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