Announcement: Recent COVID-19 positive case(s): 3 students at WOHS and 1 student Sheldon Woods on 4/14/21; 3 students at the WOHS and 2 students at Pine Creek on 4/13/21. Click here for the weekly COVID-19 Dashboard and West Ottawa Safe Schools Handbook.



Who do I contact at the middle school libraries for help?

Kelly Boston
Harbor Lights: Wednesday and Thursday – (616) 786-1000, ext. 4473
Macatawa Bay: Monday, Tuesday, and Friday – (616) 786-2000, ext. 4473

Michele Richardson – (616) 786-1000, ext. 4000
Harbor Lights Library Assistant

Denise McCormack– (616) 786-2000, ext. 4474
Macatawa Bay Library Assistant

Where can I find additional resources from the library?

You can view our external website for additional resources available to students.

What external resources do you recommend for researching?

  • Britannica School Middle – Britannica School’s Middle School Encyclopedia is online and free through Michigan’s e-library, and is a great place to start researching people, places, and things. It creates citations for students and has some accessibility features, like that it will read the articles to the students and offers different reading levels for each article.
  • Michigan e-Library (MeL) – 24/7 online library for Michigan residents. Instant access to full-text articles from tens of thousands of magazines and newspapers. Order materials from other MI libraries through interlibrary loans. Featured pages for TeensCollege PrepDatabasesMichigana and more!
  • Herrick District Library – Local public library. Access to books, technology, e-books, and more. Be sure to check out their Teen page featuring new YA books and upcoming teen events!
  • Van Wylen Library – Library at Hope College in Holland, MI. Access permitted for guests for borrowing privileges (fee required) and more scholarly research.
  • KDL “What’s Next” Database – Search for the next book in a series!
  • EasyBib – Generate free MLA citations. Create APA and Chicago citations with a subscription.
  • KnightCite – Generate free MLA, APA, and Chicago citations.

What current events are happening at the library?

You can catch up on all of the current events by following us on Twitter or Instagram.