MeetMr. Perez Chavez

Woodside is a Young Kinders through fifth grade elementary school located at 2591 North Division Avenue in Park Township. It is one of eight elementary buildings in the West Ottawa Public School District. At Woodside, the educational team sets high expectations for our students. Together, the entire staff and parent community works together to support each student in meeting these expectations. Please come visit and observe firsthand the warm, caring, academically challenging, and child-centered school that has been created through a partnership among faculty, staff, parents, students and community members.

We believe in our Woodside PRIDE!  Every student is made to feel special, and at Woodside we recognize that each one has a talent and/or a gift to share with all of us. We have created a school community where each and every day each child’s individuality and needs are considered when our instructional practices and enhanced programs are implemented.

In grades 3rd-5th, students accelerated in Language Arts may qualify for the SAIL program. This program was first offered 15 years ago at Lakewood Elementary. Seeing a need for the accelerated learners at Woodside, the program was added in 2021-2022.

Woodside is continuing to implement technology as a tool for advancing 21st century skills. We are proud to enhance the curriculum through the use of two computer labs, iPads and Chromebooks. Students use technology to receive individualized practice, to access information on-demand, and to create pieces of writing, tutorials, and other products to share with the world.

Woodside is a diverse school where students, staff and families work together to learn about and from each other. We honor achievement, as shared with families during our West Ottawa Showcase events, Family Nights, and exciting PTO programs such as Read-a-Thon, the Winter Workshop, Costume Parade, and more!

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We are proud WO Panthers!


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