Spanish Immersion

The ability to speak more than one language is increasingly important in today’s interdependent world. When a second language is learned at an early age, children have native-like pronunciation and grammar control. Americans fluent in other languages can benefit society, increasing global competitiveness and communication. According to the U.S. Census, about 40 million U.S. residents speak Spanish in their home and that number is projected to continue rising. Currently, Spanish is the second most common language in the United States.  The Spanish Immersion program at Lakeshore Elementary is committed to the three main goals of Dual Language Education:  bilingualism and biliteracy, high academic achievement, and cross-cultural competency. In our immersion program, 90% of the school day is taught in Spanish starting in KG.  English is increased each year by 10%.  By 4th grade, 50% of the school day is taught in each language. We currently offer this program for grades K—5 at Lakeshore Elementary. Spanish language opportunities continue at Harbor Lights Middle School and West Ottawa High School through grade 12.