West Ottawa

Panther Pathways

Panther Pathways embodies the ethos of West Ottawa Public Schools, where every student is seen as a vital part of the community and is encouraged to tap into their potential through engaging activities. The program aims to build confidence and investment in school by providing personal support and fostering meaningful relationships through sports, arts, and academic clubs. The program’s four pillars—Care, Support, Safety, and Membership—underscore its commitment to nurturing students, not just academically but as individuals with dreams and aspirations. These pillars are operationalized by ensuring that every activity leader and educator in the program becomes a source of support, advocating for every student’s aspirations and working to break down barriers that prevent family engagement. Panther Pathways isn’t just an after-school option; it’s a fundamental part of the West Ottawa mission to create a nurturing, safe, and engaging educational atmosphere where every student can flourish.