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Bond 2014 Update

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Bond Updates

April 25, 2018

We just finished the sale of $15 million in bonds to fund projects at North Holland Elementary School, Harbor Lights Middle School and more.  The pricing was good, and there will be no increase in the millage rate for taxpayers.

March 30, 2018

We are kicking off the 2018 construction season this week with renovations at the South HS pool, work on the technology hub and server room at Harbor Lights, and building the new transportation department garage and offices.

March 23, 2018

The Board approved bids this week to begin work on building access control improvements at both high schools & Harbor Lights

Letter from the Superintendent, December 2017

Contractor bids for the new Transportation Facility were opened earlier this week.  (12/1/17)

August 21, 2017, Board of Education meeting presentation

 Letter from the Superintendent, August 2017

Letter from the Superintendent, August 2016

Letter from the Superintendent, June 2016

logo_PDF212Bond construction underway! – Letter from the Superintendent, July 2015

West Ottawa schools pilot new computers in classrooms – November 2014 article by reporter Amy Biolchini

logo_PDF212Letter from the Superintendent, November 2014

logo_PDF212Low interest rates allows more bond construction up front – Letter from the Superintendent, September 2014

Building Signs – The stack of specifications shown below are for the building signs going in soon.  (6/16/17)

High School and Macatawa Bay Middle School – Major progress this week on the new high school tennis courts and the new Macatawa Bay Middle School mechanical system and secure entry.  (4/7/17)

September 1, 2015 – Chromebooks from the bond for teachers are in and ready for distribution!


August 27, 2015 – Basses from the bond are in and ready to be played!

Basses from the bond are in and ready to go

What’s Happening at Your School?

Phase I


Glerum Transportation Center (formerly Glerum Elementary School)

Elementary Schools


Great Lakes Elementary School

Lakeshore Elementary School

Lakewood Elementary School

North Holland Elementary School

Pine Creek Elementary School

Sheldon Woods Elementary School

Waukazoo Elementary School

Woodside Elementary School

logo_PDF212Secure Entrances at Great Lakes, Lakeshore, Lakewood, Pine Creek and Woodside:
       10/20/14 Presentation to the Board of Education

Secondary Schools


Middle School Campus

Harbor Lights Middle School

Harbor Lights Performing Arts Center

Macatawa Bay (Mac Bay) Middle School

West Ottawa High School

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