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Budget and Salary Compensation Transparency Reporting

Transparency Reporting

This information is provided to comply with State of Michigan law as well as to provide information to interested constituents of West Ottawa Public Schools.

To access the Michigan School Data Information click on link below:

Fiscal Year 2018-2019 Board Approved Budget & Amendments  pdf icon

Personnel Expenditures pdf icon

Current Operating Expenditures pdf icon

Current Bargaining Agreements pdf icon

Employer Sponsored Health Care Plans pdf icon

Audited Financial Statements pdf icon

Employee Compensation Information  pdf icon

District Paid Association Dues pdf icon

District Paid Lobbying Costs pdf icon

Out of State Travel Report pdf icon

District  Credit Card Information pdf icon

District  Procurement, Purchasing & Reimbursement Policies pdf icon

Deficit Elimination Plan

West Ottawa Public Schools is governed by a responsible locally-elected Board of Education which is responsive to District needs within its fiscal resources. It has never been a deficit district nor has it ever been under State control.

Evaluation Instruments pdf icon

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