Phone: (616) 786-2050

New phone system is now operational

May 20, 2016 – The new phone system is now operational district-wide.  From this point forward, callers need to use the main phone numbers for each building listed below.   New main numbers have been assigned to the High School (the same number for both buildings), Great Lakes, Transportation, and the Administration Office Building.  The others remain the same.

When you first call the new phone system, please listen carefully to the new menu options.

Phone Number Building/Department
            786-1000 Harbor Lights
            New #  786-1100 High School (North and South Bldgs.)
            New #  786-1200 Great Lakes
            786-1300 Lakewood
            786-1400 Lakeshore
            786-1500 North Holland
            786-1600 Pine Creek
            786-1700 Sheldon Woods
            786-1800 Waukazoo
            786-1900 Woodside
            786-2000 Macatawa Bay
           New #  786-2040 Transportation
           New #  786-2050  Administration
          786-2100  Food Service

Thank you for your patience and understanding throughout this transition period.

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