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April 2016 District Newsletter: Volume 6, Issue 3

pdficon_small April 2016 District Newsletter:  Volume 6, Issue 3

In this issue:

On the Election Ballot May 3, 2016;
West Ottawa realizes over $500K in energy savings;
A letter from Superintendent Tom Martin;
‘I was so freaked out’:  Harbor Lights students learn valuable lessons;
Pillowcases help students to read at Sheldon Woods;
Migrant tutoring program begins at Lakeshore;
West Ottawa Educational Foundation awed by teacher;
Mac Bay holds orientation for incoming class;
Pine Creek students help ‘Flood Flint with Love’;
High School named an Academic State Champion;
High School graduation rate climbs to 95 percent;
New phone system right around the corner;
Great Lakes students continue to ‘read, read, read’;
North Holland staff helps students develop pride;
Waukazoo students learn about micro-finance;
Playing with science:  Lakewood students demonstrate their own experiments;
Woodside airing morning show on YouTube channel; and
US-31 reconstruction set to end in November



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