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The West Ottawa Story: Excellent Data

March 18, 2016 – We recently received some great results from our graduation rate data.  Here’s the press release we sent out:

West Ottawa High School Sees Continued Gains in Graduation Stats

                The Center for Educational Performance and Information (CEPI) released statewide graduation rates this past week, and West Ottawa High School continued an upward trend that it’s been on for four years.  The 2014-15 graduation rate is 94.67%, an uptick from last year’s 93.67% and a better than 13 point increase since 2010-11.

                Overall, that is good news, but when the data is broken down by sub-groups, the news gets even better.  English Language Learners, for example, have seen a 33% increase in their graduate rate since 2011 to 93.98%.  And students who receive special education services have seen a 26% increase since 2010-11.

      Most ethnicity groups have also trended in a positive direction.

                “We are pleased with this continued progress, but not necessarily satisfied.  We continue to analyze this data and look for ways to reach all of our students academically,” said Kent Henson, Assistant Superintendent of Instruction.  “This is cause for celebration though, no question.”

                “These accomplishments are definitely a team effort.  Teachers collaborate with each other and their students to maximize learning,” said Todd Tulgestke, Principal of West Ottawa High School.  “That collaboration is key to everyone’s success.”

                “This is a culmination of our vision.  We talk about preparing all students to be college, career and life ready, and this feedback tells us that we’re on the road to making that happen.  I appreciate everyone’s hard work in this effort,” said Tom Martin, Superintendent of West Ottawa Public Schools.

You may view the data set compared to state averages here.  This is really a district wide win in that quality instruction needs to take place at every level in order for us to get these results.

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