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Breakfast and Lunch is available at each school.  We work hard to offer a variety of options to choose from.  We look forward to serving you!

We offer free and reduced priced meals to eligible children if their parents or guardians complete the appropriate application.

For those who don’t apply or don’t qualify, elementary children are allowed to charge the dollar amount up to the price of three lunches.  Middle School children are allowed to charge the equivalent of one meal. High School students are not allowed to charge. If a child does not have enough in their account for a regular meal, an alternate meal is provided free of charge.  There is no limit on the number of alternate meals provided. No child is forced to go hungry.

This free meal meets the federal meal requirements including milk.  If a child is repeatedly receiving an alternate meal, school food service staff contacts the district food service office to follow up with the principal or parents to assist in getting the balance cleared up.  Staff will also contact the food service office to transfer money between children in the same family in order to ensure a regular meal is served.

Notifications are sent to parents via email and in the case of elementary children, by paper notice daily where no email is provided.  Paper notices are sent to the elementary school daily, teachers are to give the negative balance sheet to the child to bring home that day.  Secondary children are also verbally reminded daily as their meal account gets close to running out of money.

How to Apply 2019-2020

Frequently Asked Questions 2019-2020

English Application for Free or Reduced Price Meals

Solicitud en español para comidas gratis oa precio reducido

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ServSafe Certifications

West Ottawa Food Service Department has set the standard for excellence in food safety. Several staff members completed the National Restaurant Associations ServSafe training and successfully passed the in-depth examination on proper food storage and preparation, time and temperature controls, food borne illnesses and their prevention and general safe food handling practices.

West Ottawa Public Schools is the first District in the area to have Nationally Certified staff in every building.

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