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Summer School & Test Out

Summer School Information 2019


*If you are looking for Summer Reading Information for Honors English 1 or Honors English 2, please visit those courses on our Course Guide site at


Thank you for visiting the WOHS Summer School Page. You will find all of the necessary forms and information about classes available and how to register your student. Students may sign up for one or two classes, and there are two sessions during the day (a.m. & p.m.). Because the courses are offered online and are therefore self-paced, students that successfully complete the course before the end date may be excused for the rest of the session.

Option 1:

Credit Recovery Summer School – for students attempting to regain credit lost during the school year

  • $165 per course for Odysseyware credit recovery. (See below for payment options).
  • 2019 Summer School at WOHS will be held from Tuesday, June 18th to Friday, July 26th (no school on July 4th).
  • There are two sessions: 8-11 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. Students taking only one class need to sign up for one of the two sessions. They may stay all day in order to finish early.
  • Lunch will be available each day from 11 – 11:30 am free of charge.

If you are signing up for Summer School for Credit Recovery, keep in mind that students should consult their counselor to make sure they are signing up for the correct class. To contact your student’s counselor, please click here.

Complete the online application below to sign up for summer school. Payment must be made before the student will be officially enrolled.

Option 2:

Acceleration Summer School – for students attempting to advance

  • $310 per course for online MiVU acceleration. (See below for payment options).

If you are signing up for Summer School Acceleration, please visit the Michigan Virtual Course Guide: to find your course before completing the application.

Complete the Online Learning Application below. Payment must be made before student will be enrolled. WOHS Online Learning Coordinator will officially enroll the student in the MVU course. 


Costs & How to Pay for Summer School

  • Credit Recovery Odysseyware Summer School Course = $165
  • MiVirtual University Summer School Online Course = $310
  • MIVirtual University Health study guide = $25
  • Payment options: Cash or money order turned in to the main office at the north high school, or click here for online payment through E-FUNDS. (No personal checks will be accepted, we apologize for any inconvenience.)

Test Out Information

  • The Test Out date/time will be August 1, 2019 at 8:00 am in the north high school building . There will be no make up date available. Test Out is different from summer school.

The purpose of the “test out” option is to ensure that students are placed in challenging courses, and that academically able students have the opportunity for Advanced Placement, IB, and college dual enrollment options during their high school careers.

To demonstrate mastery through the “test out” option, students must attain a grade of not less than a C+ on a final exam and any other test out requirements. In the absence of a final exam, the student may be required to demonstrate mastery through the assessment process used in the course. This assessment may consist of a portfolio, written papers, projects or presentations.

Credit earned will be recorded as a “CR” grade and will not be included in a computation of the grade point average. The West Ottawa Board of Education has determined that successfully “testing out” of a course will count toward the credit graduation requirement and will also be counted toward the fulfillment of a required course sequence.

**IMPORTANT- THERE IS A $25 APPLICATION FEE FOR TEST OUT.  This may be paid by cash or e-Funds only.  E-Funds payment option will be available at the end of the application form below, or by clicking here.

All Test Out study materials will be available at by June 12, 2019.

Successful Living Summer Options

All students are required to take .5 credits of Health per the Michigan Merit Curriculum guidelines. All WOHS students are enrolled in Successful Living in the 9th grade year to meet this requirement. Students who are enrolled in a full year of music and foreign language may delay Successful Living until 10th-12th grade. We highly recommend taking Successful Living in the 9th grade year. It is a very valuable course and highly appropriate for the 9th grade year.

For most students, this will not cause a conflict in their schedule. If a student finds a conflict in their schedule, they must complete one of the following options:

Option 1:

Option 2:

  •  Test out of Successful Living.  Complete the Test Out Application Above. Be sure to choose YOUR Counselor when submitting the online test out application.
  • Study over the summer and be fully prepared for the August test out date.
  • An optional $25 online study course is available via Michigan Virtual University. Complete the WOHS-Online-Learning-Application if you would like this optional study guide. Be sure to select “MVU Health Test Out Study Guide” as the course title.  If you select to pay for the study guide via MVU, it will be $50 total, $25 for the test out fee, and another $25 for the study guide “course”.
  • You MUST also complete the “Performance Tasks” as part of the WOHS Test Out requirement. The tasks are due on test out day prior to taking the written exam.  (*Be advised. The test out exam includes portions of a state created test. It is not easy and will require significant preparation over the summer on the part of the student.)
  • Visit for more information and study resources, which we be available after the end of the school year.

Option 3:

  • Test out of another core course. Sign up for summer WOHS Test Out. Choose a core course (example: US History A) as your test out course. Study over the summer.
  • Complete the Test Out Application Above. Be sure to choose YOUR Counselor when submitting the online test out application.
  • Visit for more information and study resources, which we be available after the end of the school year.

Still have questions?

If you have any questions about summer school, test out, or successful living, please contact your student’s guidance counselor by clicking here. If you have questions after June 8, please contact the high school office at (616) 786-1100, ext. 7190.