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The Basics on Grants & Scholarships from the College Board is an easy to understand resource that will breakdown grants and scholarships into manageable pieces.  Be sure to start the grants & scholarship search and application process early and commit to completing no less than 10 scholarship applications before November of your senior year of high school.  

Scholarships are awarded based on achievement, need or both. Many scholarships have other requirements — for example, they may only be offered to students who live in a certain state, are interested in a certain major or have a disability. (

Here are 7 Ways to Find Scholarships

College Specific Scholarships

  • The largest scholarships come from individual colleges themselves.
  • It is very important that you complete your college applications by November 1st to be eligible for the majority of these scholarships.
  • Please see our Michigan College Specific Scholarship list to be linked directly to the scholarship page of Michigan colleges.
  • For out of state colleges, go to the school’s home page and search “scholarships”.

West Ottawa High School Local Scholarship Site

  • Check out Local and National scholarships listed on the West Ottawa Local Scholarships site.
  • These scholarships are updated periodically throughout the school year.

West Ottawa High School Internal Scholarships

  • West Ottawa is fortunate to have many sponsors who provide scholarships for our students each year and include memorial scholarships and business scholarships.
  • The 2018-19 WOHS Internal Scholarship Application Handbook (Scholarship application directions are found in the handbook) 
  • Scholarship Application Due Date:  Thursday, March 28

Community Foundation Holland/Zeeland Scholarships

  • Find complete information and scholarship applications at the Community Foundation Holland/Zeeland Area website.
  • Be sure to plan ahead and have your most current GPA, ACT score, essay, up to two letters of recommendation and other information available to upload.

Employers and Clubs

  • Many employers offer scholarships to children of their employees or even where a student may work.
  • Also check with any clubs or organizations of which you are a member.

Earn scholarship and financial aide offers from hundreds of colleges and universities by building your personal portfolio through This new program is sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and has high reviews by publications such as the Wall Street Journal and CNN as well as personal testimonials from WOHS alumni. Go to and register to get started.

Scholarship Search Websites:

What Should You Do Now?

Begin researching scholarship information using the resources above at any time during high school. Scholarship applications should start during the fall of your senior year. Schedule an appointment with your counselor to discuss scholarships soon!