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North Building Counselors

Mr. Phil Spreitzer A-G


Email Mr. Spreitzer
(616) 786-1100, ext. 7191

North Building A-G

ACT Test Coordinator
Links Program
U.S. Military Liaison




Mrs. Marissa Higgs H-Pa

Marissa Higgs

Email Mrs. Higgs
(616) 786-1100, ext. 7192

North Building H-Pa

Counseling Department Chair
Dual Enrollment
Early College
Course Guidebook




Mrs. Lacy Otteman Pe-Z

Email Mrs. Otteman
(616) 786-1100, ext. 7193

North Building Pe-Z

Scholarship Coordinator
Panther Fund Liason
Honors Convocation



South Building Counselors

Email Mr. Veldkamp
(616) 786-1100, ext. 6193

South Building A-Lo

IB Coordinator
Counselors for The Dunes
Lakeshore Leaders
Foreign Exchange


Mrs. Molly Moser Lu – Z

Mrs. Moser

Email Mrs. Moser
(616) 786-1100, ext. 6182

South Building Lu-Z
Careerline Tech Center Coordinator



Email Mrs. Hamstra-Bird
(616) 786-1110


First contact for new families/Enrollment paperwork/Student records


College Advisor

Ms. Ramos –

Ms. Anderson –

616-786-1100 ext. 7188 (north and south offices)

Assistance with “first in family” students: scholarships, college applications, college life

Appointments scheduled at: