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Cultivating a Climate for Success

West Ottawa Public Schools are committed to parent and community involvement, a key factor in excellent schools. Participation is strongly encouraged, from tutoring to supervising popcorn days to chaperoning a field trip. We strive to mobilize and channel the rich human resources of our community into a dependable volunteer partnership program.

Volunteers Support Instruction

Volunteers are our partners in teaching and learning. They are caring individuals of all ages, from all walks of life, who share their time and talents with students and staff. They supply what tax dollars can’t buy in time, talent, energy and ideas to support and enhance the educational experiences of our students.

Volunteers translate their concern for children and quality education into involvement in numerous capacities. Students reap the rewards of individual attention, positive role models and a greater motivation to learn.  Volunteers assist teachers and administrators, creating opportunities for them to increase their effectiveness. The lives of virtually every West Ottawa child and teacher are in some way touched by the helping hand of a community partner.

Our schools are greatly enhanced through a broad range of activities provided by the involvement of parents, guardians, grandparents, students, community members, businesses and civic organizations who have become our partners in teaching and learning. Hundreds of community members, parents and students are involved yearly on school improvement teams, advisory committees and district task forces.

Volunteer Impact Over the Years

The documentation of volunteer hours is just one measure of the vast pool of community resources benefiting students.  Click the link below to see the number of volunteers and volunteer hours over the years.

logo_PDF212 Volunteer Impact

Volunteer Now!

Our volunteer program strives to include everyone who is available and willing to serve in the classroom, in extracurricular activities, and with PTA/PTO/PTC programs. Once the form is completed online, a background check will be made and your name will go into the volunteer database. You will be contacted by the teacher or chairperson of the event to schedule your participation. Please check with your building coordinator for further information.

Volunteer Profile – English

Volunteer Profile – Spanish

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