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English as a Second Language

Welcome to the Student Services Department at West Ottawa!

ESL Services

West Ottawa Public Schools believes strongly that students of limited English proficiency can achieve levels of academic performance comparable to those of the general English-speaking population. We are committed to providing appropriate instructional services to ensure that our students are not deprived of the opportunity to learn content matter while they also gain proficiency in English.

Two separately funded, yet programmatically blended programs are offered in the district.

ESL Program

Using district and state dollars, the district provides instructional and support services to students in grades K-12 who have limited English proficiency. Students qualify for the program in several ways:

  • Home language survey
  • Test of English reading comprehension, writing, speaking, and listening

Our ESL teachers have university endorsements in teaching limited English proficiency students. Our certified ESL teachers service all of our students K-12.

The district is committed to continually improve instruction.

  • We have a staff at all buildings trained in SIOP (Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol).
  • We use materials that focus especially on oral language development such as Phonics and Friends.
  • During 2016-2017 regular school year, 1,333 students in grades K-12 participated in the Spring WIDA ACCESS testing.

Contact Information

For more information, please contact:

Jeri Page, Director of State and Federal Programs
(616) 786-2036

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