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A school is accredited by meeting or exceeding stringent criteria established by the North Central Association of Schools and/or Michigan Department of Education. Accreditation provides a yardstick by which a community can measure a school’s performance. All Michigan schools are required to meet expectations for accreditation.

At West Ottawa

We are extremely proud of the high level of achievement our schools have attained. It is a reflection of the dedication and commitment to excellence we all share.

West Ottawa staff are committed to exceeding criteria for accreditation through the school improvement process.

State of Michigan Accreditation

The Michigan school accreditation process has been undergoing constant review and revision. Enactment of the federal legislation, No Child Left Behind, has resulted in the current state accreditation program, Education Yes! – A Yardstick for Excellent Schools.

These programs are intended to hold schools more accountable, to expand options, and to ensure every student is provided with the tools they need to be successful, productive citizens. Both detail the parameters by which a school’s performance is measured.

Six key components are assessed and graded on a 100-point scale to determine a school’s overall rating:

  • Achievement Status
  • Achievement Change
  • Achievement Growth (Student Achievement Measures)
  • Engagement
  • Instructional Quality and
  • Learning Opportunities (School Performance Indicators)

Common letter grades will be used to report a school’s performance to the public. Schools that receive an overall grade of “A” will be accredited. Schools receiving a “B,” “C,” or “D/Alert” will be in interim status. Unaccredited schools will be labeled as such. These grades will guide us in making school improvement decisions.

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