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MeetMr. Reinecke

College, Career, and Life Ready! This is the mission of West Ottawa High School, preparing all students to be college, career, and life ready. Measuring students’ college readiness is done numerous times throughout their high school career, from PSAT scores in 9th and 10th grade, the SAT score in 11th grade, to their GPA posted on their transcript. Academically, we have very good measures of our students’ ability to move on to post-secondary educational opportunities. Measuring career readiness and life readiness is much more difficult for schools to do.

It has been a goal of the leadership team at West Ottawa High School to not only integrate more teaching of work readiness skills across the curriculum but to also develop a well defined metric in order to measure each student’s ability level in this area. In order to integrate this idea with our school-wide Positive Behavior Intervention Support system, we have developed the West Ottawa Work Readiness PRIDE Score.

Beginning in the fall of 2014 each student now receives a PRIDE score based upon a predetermined rubric of work readiness skills or “soft skills”. While these skills have always been encouraged and taught in high school, they have never been measured and connected to students’ academic record before. We think these skills will become much more meaningful for students when they know their score will be measurable, reportable to parents and employers, and connected to their short and long term future goals.

Graduation rates at West Ottawa High School (95%) far outpace those of peer schools around the state. In fact, in 2017 West Ottawa High School had the 7th highest graduation rate of all high schools in Ottawa and Kent Counties. Please contact us to begin enrolling your student today to be a part of our incredible community!


Jason Reinecke


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