MeetMrs. Graham

Greetings Parents and Students! Macatawa Bay is your choice along the lakeshore! Macatawa Bay Middle School is located on 140th Avenue between Quincy and Riley Streets. It is a beautiful campus nestled between residential neighborhoods and towering oak trees.

Our school culture is built around rewarding students for their academic successes and positive behavior choices. Students and faculty exhibit the “ROCKS” philosophy of Respect – Ownership – Compassion – Knowledge – Success. Rewarding positive achievements and choices is what makes Macatawa Bay Middle School a special place to build the skills and knowledge making our students “College, Career and Life Ready.”

We are proud to offer a variety of programs meeting the needs of all of our students: Advanced Coursework in all four core areas, World Languages (Spanish, French) for high school credit beginning in sixth grade, support services for both English Language Learners and students with Learning Disabilities. Macatawa Bay Middle School is one of the few in the state, in which a student can enter the high school having had the opportunity to earn seven high school credits!

We welcome you to inquire about these programs and how much more we have to offer your student. If you have any questions about Macatawa Bay Middle School or any programs/services we offer, please feel free to contact me at (616) 786-2000, or email me.

Yours in Education,

Kristin Graham

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