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Online Learning


For several years, West Ottawa Public Schools has offered students the opportunity to take online courses through Michigan Virtual School (MVS). Our experience with MVS has been a good experience for our district. Michigan Virtual School offers many classes aligned to the Michigan Merit Curriculum (MMC). Please review the Parent Letter outlining the details here:

For more information on Expanding Online Learning and the Implementation of 21f, please click here:


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If you’re interested in taking an online class at West Ottawa, please look through these resources to determine (1) whether online learning is a good fit for you and (2) the course(s) that might be of interest to you:


Steps for enrolling in an online class at West Ottawa:

  • Step 1: Submit the WO Online Learning Request form:
  • Step 2: Receive approval from counselor and principal
  • Step 3: Submit the WO Online Learning Agreement (paper form provided by mentor)
  • Step 4: Attend WO Online Learning Orientation in the North Library with your mentor


How does online learning work at West Ottawa?

Students taking an online class at West Ottawa are assigned a class hour during the school day to work on that course. Students are also assigned a mentor. The mentor serves as a support for students taking online classes, advocating for them when necessary, monitoring their progress to ensure successful completion of the course, and acting as “the liaison between the student, online instructor, parents, and administration” (Michigan Virtual School Mentor Fundamentals).


Students and their parent/guardian sign a WO Online Learning Agreement that details the expectations for students, parents, the mentor, and the district. When students finish their course, the percentage grade that is earned is translated into the equivalent West Ottawa letter grade and is recorded on their official transcript.


Can students take online classes during the summer?

Students may elect to take an online class during the summer. Unlike courses taken during the school year as part of the student’s 6-hour day, the cost of summer classes is covered by the parent/guardian. The student’s parent/guardian is also responsible for monitoring the progress of their child during the summer. Students may elect to put their final grade on their transcript but they are not required to do so. Please see the Summer School & Test Out page of the West Ottawa High School website for more details: