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International Baccalaureate

West Ottawa High School and the IB Diploma Program

WOHS is proud to offer the prestigious IB Diploma Program. The IB Diploma Program is an international educational program that is recognized by many of the world’s leading colleges and universities. The program is completed during the junior and senior years of high school. Students complete coursework in six subject areas, along with the core requirements (CAS, Theory of Knowledge and Extended Essay).

IB Diploma Program Coordinator: Mrs. Corban Van Dam
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Student Testimonials, IB Diploma Program Alumni

  • “The International Baccalaureate program makes West Ottawa incredibly unique. I don’t know of any other schools in the entire Ottawa county that has as comprehensive of a program. It has everything that can provide success for students in what ever aspiration they seek. That is to say, the program is meant for those who want to be challenged and are willing to preserve through grit.  I can not stress the number of times the teachers were understanding and helped provide me with the best resources possible. The struggle I felt in the program was really good to prepare me for what I would endure during college and ultimately life. The program also helped me realize my life’s passion and helped me get into one of the best engineering programs in the nation. I am thankful for the path the IB Diploma Program has paved for me and I would never change this opportunity. As always #GOWO and BoilerUP!” -Jackson, WOHS class of 2018–currently studying at Purdue University
  • “IB prepared me for college by encouraging critical thinking and good writing skills, and even allowed me to graduate an entire year early. Because of IB, I was able to skip a lot of gen-eds, take incredibly interesting classes, and meet professors who are invested in me. On top of the academic and professional skills that I gained through IB, I met incredible friends and teachers who I am still close with today.” -Babs, WOHS class of 2016–currently studying at Michigan State University  
  • “I still look back at my time spent at West Ottawa and how the International Baccalaureate Program has shaped my life. I very much miss all the wonderful times spent during the last two years of high school and all of the memories and lessons I learned from it.  I graduated in May of 2017 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Gerontology.  Currently, I am working on a Masters in Clinical Nursing at the University of Toledo. I am so excited for what the future holds and I hope to someday change lives with my profession in Nursing.”— Anna, WOHS Class of 2012
  • “IB has prepared me for college by having an open mind. An open-mind to educators, to education, to opportunities, to friends, to whatever situation may be thrown my way.” -Lauren, WOHS class of 2013, Butler University class of 2017 and class of 2019
  • “The last two years of my high school career were honestly the best two years of all of my life…..Doing the International Baccalaureate Program was probably the best decision that I have ever made.” -Jared, WOHS class of 2013, University of Kentucky class of 2016

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The following slide show was shared at the AP & IB Info Night on January 14, 2019. Please contact AP & IB Coordinator Mrs. Corban VanDam with questions at

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