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Course Registration

The Course Registration Process and Timeline:

The high school scheduling process begins during the month of February.   Video presentations happen each hour presenting a different elective department.  Core area content teachers discuss the flow of classes for their department and make recommendations for all students as to their next course for the following year.  Students are provided with a course selection sheet, directions for how to enroll for classes, a four year graduation audit sheet, and their high school transcript.  Students submit a copy of their requests to their counselors through their seminar teacher.

Starting in the second week of February, students will be given a pre-scheduled meeting time with their counselor to discuss course requests related to college and career goals, and input their course requests through the student portal.  Counselors will check over the accuracy of course selections with each student.  Parents and students can meet with their counselor to make adjustments to course requests through the end of the year.  All course requests are locked in at the end of the school year, no changes occur to requests after this point.

Over the summer the master schedule is created in Infinite Campus and classes are assigned based on student requests.  The scheduling program in Infinite Campus assigns students to classes. The counselors will then fix open hours and use student alternate choices to fill in gaps in student schedules.

Students pick up their schedules during registration days in August prior to the start of school.  Students are able to request changes to their schedules during the first three days of the semester.  However, the items listed below are not subject to changes.

  • We do not change lunches unless there is a medical reason.
  • We will not change teachers for courses without holding a meeting with the teachers involved, the student’s parents, and the student’s counselor.
  • Because the computer does the initial course placement, we can’t take teacher requests.

The important thing to remember is that all requests, including alternate choices could end up on the schedule.  Please choose wisely.  Over the four years of high school students are able to get the courses they want, it just may not be the year that they initially requested it.