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Welcome to West Ottawa’s Transportation Department

The West Ottawa Transportation Department transports over 5,000 eligible students to and from school and school related activities each day.  This is accomplished with a dedicated team of 78 transportation professionals and a professionally maintained fleet of 60 buses that travel more than 4,000 miles each day.

Our Mission

To provide safe and efficient transportation to get students physically present and emotionally prepared for learning to experience success every school day.

In every instance, safety is a top priority.

  • We will provide safe and efficient pupil transportation at all times through constant communication between staff, school administration and parent/guardians.
  • We will consider the individual needs of students and provide accommodation for students with special needs.
  • We will welcome and give thorough examination to community input.
  • We will highly value and provide ongoing, continuous training for our team of professional employees.
  • We will serve the District with total commitment and a positive attitude.

Bus Stop Information (2016-2017)

Bus stop information is available online only for all students (grades: K-12).  Parents/guardians can confidentially view their child’s most current bus stop information via Parent Portal on the district’s website at any time, 24/7.  Bus stop information for to-and-from school (including bus stop times, bus stop locations, bus number assignment and transfer bus assignment) can be viewed by accessing Parent Portal from the Parent Resources tab on the District’s home page.

Bus stop information is updated in Parent Portal each working day by 5:00 p.m.  Bus stop times may change throughout the school year due to a variety of reasons.  Parents/guardians are encouraged to frequently check their bus stop information online.

To access bus stop information in Parent Portal, sign in by entering your login information (Username and Password).  Choose ‘SELECT A STUDENT’ (top of page) and then click on the ‘Transportation’ tab (left side of page).

Detailed transportation information for students with special needs was mailed to the primary home address for each eligible rider on or shortly after August 23, 2016.

The following provides helpful transportation information for parents/guardians of Kindergarten students at West Ottawa:

2016-2017 Bus Information for Kindergarten Parents and Guardians (English)

2016-2017 Bus Information for Kindergarten Parents and Guardians (Español)

Note:  In order to establish safe bus runs at the beginning of the school year, the Transportation Department is not able to honor requests for bus stop changes between August 24 through September 18, 2016.

Online Transportation Form

Use the following form to submit a request for a change(s) in transportation including daycare/alternate site information:

google form logo2016-2017 Transportation Form for Grades KG-12 (English)

google form logo2016-2017 Formulario de Transporte para los Grados KG-12 (Español)

Please allow a minimum of three (3) days for processing.  Approved changes in transportation will be posted in Parent Portal by 5:00 p.m. each working day.

To access bus stop information in Parent Portal, sign in by entering your login information (Username and Password).  Choose ‘SELECT A STUDENT’ (top of page) and then click on the ‘Transportation’ tab (left side of page).

Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers)

Before picking up the phone to ask a question, take a look to see if your question may already be answered!  We have provided responses to several frequently asked questions in this document:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Transportation

Department Contact Information

West Ottawa Public Schools Transportation Department
342 W Lakewood Blvd
Holland, MI  49424-1902

Phone: (616) 786-2040
Transportation HOTLINE: (616) 786-2049  (Timely info on late bus, school closure, etc.)

Paul Wegmeyer, director of transportation
Phone: (616) 786-2045











Donna Harrell, transportation secretary
Phone: (616) 786-2041

Dianne Overway, route coordinator
Phone: (616) 786-2044

Julie Schrotenboer, route clerk
Phone: (616) 786-2042

Curt Alofs, fleet mechanic
Phone: (616) 786-2046

Chuck Wittingen, fleet mechanic
Phone: (616) 786-2047


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