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Student Testimonials:

International Baccalaureate (IB) Helping to Smooth College Transition


  • “The IB program not only provided me with a new and unique learning experience, but a close group of tightly knit friends as well. As of right now I am attending the University of Notre Dame and taking extremely advanced college level classes. To my fortunate surprise however, many of these classes incorporate and even teach similar topics I’ve already experienced while attending IB. Being already familiar with how some of these college level classes are taught has set me ahead of my peers, impressed my professors, and made the first year of college extremely more manageable.” –Tabahn A., Class of 2015, now a student at the University of Notre Dame


  • “IB has helped me to prepare for college classes. I am not as stressed as my friends because I know how to write well, study, and how to balance school work and other commitments.” –Neely H., Class of 2015, now a student at Carthage College


  • “IB was by far the most memorable and rewarding part of my entire high school experience. I miss my IB family so much. The type of people (teachers and students) drawn to the program are some of the most open minded, inventive, and “fantabulous” humans you will ever meet.” –Aurora M., Class of 2015, now a student at Western Michigan University


  • “I took IB over AP because I wanted something that would prepare me for college. I wanted to know how to learn on my own, and IB has taught me that. Thanks to the EE there is no daunting paper I cannot tackle.” –Aster O., Class of 2015, now a student at Lee University


  • “IB has prepared me for college by having an open mind. An open-mind to educators, to education, to opportunities, to friends, to whatever situation may be thrown my way. One thing that all visitors say when they come to Butler is that they love how “open-minded” all the students are here. I can say that from being open-minded through IB I have helped with this impression that is left upon those who visit. IB has also taught me time-management. Being a student-athlete at Butler University, there are never enough hours in the day. I have practice, class, lab, study tables, meals, meetings, team commitments, social life, but I am able to handle and juggle all these various aspects of my college life because IB prepared me to be aware of my time and to use it wisely.I am also very interested in studying abroad in the near future during my time at college because of what I have studied about in IB and now am able to apply in my college courses. I don’t have my heart set on just one place I want to study abroad. Instead, I want to travel to various parts of the world to experience the culture, the people, the history and life there, not just to be a tourist and be able to put on my resume that I studied abroad. I want to do it for myself. This is all thanks to IB and the appreciation I have achieved for other countries.” -Lauren, Class of 2013 – an IB Diploma Program graduate…now a student at Butler University


  • “The last two years of my high school career were honestly the best two years of all of my life. Not only did I make friends that I know will last for the rest of my life but I am able to achieve more and do better in college. Doing the International Baccalaureate Program was probably the best decision that I have ever made. I could say a lot about the friends you make and the relationships that you form but for the sake of academia I will talk about the benefits of going to college with an IB Diploma.Going into college I received 15 credits from my IB Diploma. The credits I received were only from two of my classes and they made me a second semester freshmen coming into college. This allowed me to either have a lighter class load coming in or to become a sophomore halfway through the year. I chose to become a sophomore half way through the year in order to participate in an internship that is only offered at the 300 level. Even without the credits that I received from two of my classes the work load seems easy to me. The homework I receive in my college classes now isn’t even an issue. I watch as my new friends struggle, even those who took AP. Some have difficulty managing the workload of their classes but for me it is no big deal. The only transition I had to make adjusting to college was living on my own. All my work is easy for me due to the IB Diploma Program. Overall I can say it was a great choice and a choice I would make again. The work in the IB Program may seem daunting compared to AP but it is more than worth it coming into college. It prepares you mentally and gives you a bit of leeway when you come into college. IB has been immensely helpful coming into college and continues to be of great aid to me.” -Jared, Class of 2013 – an IB Diploma Program graduate…now a student at the University of Kentucky


  • “Both IB and college are about thinking critically. Your classes in college and IB are meant to converge on some higher topic…both care more about doing well than following the exact pattern set before you I’ve noticed many other freshmen have been feeling anxious and burned out because of these things. These things didn’t impact me though because the IB Program eased me into them two years ago.” -Kim, Class of 2012 – an IB Diploma Program graduate…now a student at the University of Michigan


  • “The rigor of the IB curriculum prepared me to meet the expectations at college. It also developed personal skills that I am using every day—like independence, motivation, and endurance.” -Kayla, Class of 2012 – an IB Diploma Program graduate…now a student at the University of Minnesota


  • “The IB Program helped make me into a well-rounded student and taught me how to manage my time and set my priorities. It also taught me to be an inquirer and a communicator, which are essential skills at college. In IB, I got to know my peers well, but I also came to know myself. I’m not fearful of expressing my opinions in class. Overall, college has not been the dark, frightening place I once thought it would be, thanks to IB.” -Cinthia, Class of 2012 – an IB Diploma Program graduate…now a student at Western Michigan University


  • “IB has helped me better manage my time at college. Also, in college I’m constantly making interdisciplinary connections. There are subjects, like linguistics, that straddle language and science, so being introduced to this way of thinking is helpful and super interesting. The IB Diploma Program prepared me for a lot. Nothing I’ve had to do has come as a surprise or has been too hard yet.” -Lucy, Class of 2012 – an IB Diploma Program graduate… now a student at the University of Minnesota

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