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State School Safety Legislation

The Michigan legislature has adopted a number of laws that address school safety. These laws require teacher initiated suspensions, mandatory discipline for physical assaults against students or adults, and verbal assaults by students. In addition, Michigan laws require mandatory expulsion from a public school for arson, criminal sexual conduct, and the possession of weapons at school. These laws enable a school to protect its student population and provide a safe learning environment for our students.

Please review the following information carefully with your son or daughter. Also go over the student code of conduct found in your school’s handbook. If you have questions, please call your building principal or the administration office.

We thank you for your continued support.

Teacher Initiated Suspensions

A teacher is permitted to suspend a K-12 student from any “class, subject, or activity” for up to one day.

  • This suspension must be due to student conduct which is defined as one of the following behaviors:
    – Acts of physical aggression
    – Profane or vulgar comments (oral or written)
    – Inappropriate physical contact of a sexual nature
  • The suspension must be immediately reported to the principal
  • The student will be sent to the office for “appropriate action” by the building principal.
  • The student will not be returned to the classroom that day without mutual agreement of the teacher and principal.
  • The teacher will ask the student’s parent/guardian to attend a conference as soon as possible, with an administrator present if requested by the parent or teacher.
  • A school counselor, psychologist, or social worker may also be in attendance.


Physical Assault – Student to Adult

Physical assaults upon school employees, volunteers, or contractors will result in expulsion of the student.

  • This action is similar to the mandatory expulsion for dangerous weapons, criminal sexual conduct, and arson.
  • This law includes any student in grade 6 or above.
  • The student will be permanently expelled, subject to reinstatement after 180 days.
  • Expulsion is from ALL Michigan public schools, other than “strict discipline academies” and appropriate alternative education programs.
  • The school district “may provide, or may arrange for the intermediate school district to provide, appropriate instructional services to the individual at home.”

Physical Assault – Student to Student

Physical assaults by a student upon another student will result in suspension or expulsion of the offending student.

  • This includes any assaults occurring on school property, at any school-sponsored activities, or on any school-related vehicle.
  • Any student, grade 6 or above, committing an assault reported to the school board or administration, shall be suspended or expelled for up to 180 school days.
  • School districts must annually file a report with the Michigan Department of Education documenting all acts of physical violence, gang activity, substance abuse, trespassing, and other crimes which occur on school property or at school activities.

Verbal Assault

Any student in grades 6 or above who commits a “verbal assault” against a school employee, volunteer, or contractor will be suspended or expelled.

  • Bomb threats are considered verbal assaults.
  • A student expelled for verbal assault may enroll in another district, however that district is not required to enroll the student even if educational residence is established.
  • The length of suspension or expulsion will be up to 180 days.

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