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School Closing & Delay Information

Inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances may cause us to close school or delay the start of school. We will make every effort to make an announcement by 6 a.m., whenever possible.

As soon as the decision to close or delay schools is made . . .

  1. parents will receive an automated phone call at the primary number they have provided their child’s school for morning announcements of school closings or delays (unless they have opted out of this type of notification),
  2. TV and radio stations will be informed,
  3. the superintendent will send out a Tweet, and
  4. the closing or delay will be posted on the district’s Facebook page.

Except in extreme emergencies where there is no doubt about the ability to hold school, announcement of closings and delays shall be made the morning of the day of closing/delay.


How is the Decision Made to Close or Delay the Start of School?

pdf icon How do you know it’s a snow day? School officials get up early, use complicated, careful process in making the call (article by Lisa Ermak, The Holland Sentinel, 2/26/13)

Where to Obtain Information on Closings, Delays and Cancellations

Types of Closings and Delays & District Processes

Guidelines for Athletics When School Has Been Cancelled

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