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Welcome to West Ottawa’s Instruction Department

Challenging Students to Achieve High Expectationsphoto of two students in chemistry class with one student looking into the microscope

The West Ottawa Public Schools curriculum is student-centered and standards based. Our core curriculum:

  • provides students with brain-compatible instruction focused on rigorous and relevant core concepts
  • is learned through multiple instructional strategies applied in multiple contexts.
  • meets the needs of diverse learners

As students learn the core concepts, they develop an understanding of the relationships and connections of significant knowledge, facts, and skills necessary to be successful in the 21st century.

Preparing Students to be College, Career and Life Ready.

Contact Information

Jeri Page portrait of Associate Superintendent for Instruction and Student Services Jeri Page
Associate Superintendent for Instruction and Student Services
(616) 786-2083

Michelle Woods
Director of Instruction
(616) 786-2084

Jordan Beel
Director of Instructional Technology
(616) 786-2086

Nohemi Sarli
Administrative Assistant
(616) 786-2056



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