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Introduction and Rules

Crowdfunding is the funding of a project by raising money from a large group of people through the use of the internet and social media as a platform. It allows schools to use online tools to generate funds for school supplies, classroom resources, special projects, events, etc.

Activities are deemed as fundraising if they:

  1. Further promote education and provide educational experiences for the students;
  2. Address local funding needs to support the strategic plan and extracurricular programs/activities or its schools;
  3. Promote the effective, efficient, or safe management and operation of the school district

Fundraising activities must also comply with the school district’s cash handling, procurement, fixed assets, and gifts and donations policies. They must not interfere with the operation of school programs and functions. Proposals for fundraising programs must be reviewed and approved by the superintendent or designee to ensure the compliance of the program.


  1. Crowdfunding must support educational or instructional based initiatives
  2. Must submit a crowdfunding application to the Business Office
  3. Must receive approval before the campaign is published
  4. Allow up to 3 weeks for the application process
  5. Intent of the original request must be followed
  6. Employees must comply with student privacy as outlined in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. Photos, videos, names, or descriptions of students may not be published without previous written parental consent.
  7. Crowdfunding must be set up through a WOPS account, and not an individual account.
  8. Monetary donations must be issued as a check payable to West Ottawa Public Schools, from the crowdfunding platform, and are subject to the same controls as other district revenue. Checks from the crowdfunding platform should be received at least monthly. Cash donations are not permitted.
  9. All items, such as supplies, materials, or equipment are shipped directly to the school and become property of the district.

Restricted Actions

  1. Personal fundraisers or withdrawal of funds into personal banking accounts
  2. Fundraisers that benefit individuals
  3. Any type of sales
  4. Transfer of donations to different campuses
  5. Mailing donated items to an employee’s home
  6. Fundraising for non‐district organizations/charities


Crowdfunding Introduction and Rules

Crowdfunding Request (Application) Form




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