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The West Ottawa Story: a Unique Concert

May 6, 2016 – Recently, our 6-12th grade orchestras played in a combined program in the north high school gym. We received quite a bit of positive feedback on the event, such as the following:

Hi Miss W. and Mr. Meyer!

I wanted to congratulate you both on an outstanding and moving concert last night. As parents, we are so thrilled that you have instituted this new level of concert for our kids. It’s wonderful that the younger children have the opportunity to hear the high schoolers. I could see the excitement in them as they witnessed true musicianship happening before their eyes. It was inspirational and exhilarating. Our 8th grader’s three younger siblings loved it, as well.

Thank you for continuing to impact children through music education, especially with strings!

Keep up this important work.

Elizabeth Morales

We appreciate the feedback and we also appreciate the opportunities our students get to perform in new and unique ways.

Have a great day,


Gregory D. Warsen
Asst. Supt. for Employee Relations and Marketing
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