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The West Ottawa Story: All Staff Appreciation from the Board

March 4, 2016 – Our Board of Education would like to extend the following to the entire staff:

As we are in the long haul toward Spring Break, we want to pause and reflect on the many outstanding things happening at WOPS and the dedicated people that have made these things happen. It is wonderful to see state-wide recognitions of West Ottawa’s quality such as the recent Bridge Magazine article, but we know that it is the day-to-day hard work of all of you that makes the difference. The West Ottawa Board of Education would like to thank you for your caring, thoughtful work with the students of this district. You are an inspiration to us every day. Go WO!

Have a great Friday,


Gregory D. Warsen
Asst. Supt. for Employee Relations and Marketing
West Ottawa Public Schools
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Twitter: Greg Warsen@WO_Marketing

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